10 months, 25 days…

…is how long it took me to finish Resident Evil 5 100% (more or less).

Considering that the series was… well is… still one of my favs, I don’t know why it took this long. With it I got my first PS3 platinum trophy though which may seem quite fitting (although was only 3% away from the one in Assassin’s Creed 2 and 1 ‘Crushing’ game completion away from it in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune). It was also my 250’th trophy overall.

This was a week or so back now but I kinda reflected it on the fact that I just didn’t like RE4 and RE5 (they are of simular styles) compared to the earlier titles. RE4 has a lot of good things that have impacted heavily on the industry as a whole in the past five years but as a sequel to a series I was a big fan of I just wasn’t as passionate about it as I was with the earlier games in the series.

There are still a few collectables to gain in RE5, plus some mercenaries missions I haven’t done and characters I haven’t unlocked. Capcom is releasing the first of their proper DLC in about five days and while I won’t get it as DLC content, I probably will buy the Gold Edition game and finish these later. In particular the added scenario which is a homage to the original title is perhaps the main reason why I will, but I’m in no hurry. But I will go through and get the rest later with this version.

It’s been said a lot around the net lately but one of the segments from the Heavy Rain demo reminds everyone of the older titles a bit and shows promise that perhaps Capcom can make something that is the best of both worlds for the sixth title in the series. I don’t expect Capcom will but it would be nice if they did something more akin to the Umbrella/Tricell lab that’s part way through RE5. It was genuinely the best part of the game.

Capcom has been cagey with what they will do next with the series, which isn’t surprising. Between RE5 and the two Wii gun outings – Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles – they’ve kinda put themselves into a corner where there isn’t much story left from the original titles. With the exception of porting the two Wii titles to PS3 and 360 to use with their own motion remotes, the studio will need to think long and hard about it.

They could go for following characters from the series we don’t know what happened to (Rebecca and Barry in particular, who are both turning up as playables in RE5 Gold’s extra mercs rosters) or they have to go with something new but entirely connected. The BSAA in RE5 is probably a good setup for this, but the series is very quickly running out of villains with connection and instead a bland faceless corporation enemy is becoming more and more likely.

I would love to hear something from Capcom at E3, just to confirm they have started working on it (and if a teaser trailer like the target render from E3 for RE5 is a possibility I’d also be happy), but in the mean time I’ll have to wait for Dead Rising 2 later this year for a Capcom zombie-related fix.

Last Played: Heavy Rain Demo, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
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