So… my PS3 died… but how are you?

So I had intended on doing my long delayed follow up to the PS3 update saga from a few months back, however last week my PS3 gave way to the Yellow Light Of Death, or YLOD as it’s known online. This in of itself wouldn’t have been an issue as I’d somehow managed to cover myself for problems for 3 years when I brought it.

However, the first thing was I was playing a game when it died… a copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that I rented… which was stuck in the console. Apparently every PS3 since the original 60GB BC models have a manual eject option… except mine was a 60GB model. Secondly I haven’t backed up my drive… so while I can re-download all my DLC contents and add-ons, my save files have gone. Which is a shame about for a number of the games on my shelf.

– Assassin’s Creed II
I was 3% away from 100% trophies, which mostly entitled to getting feathers on the game map. This in of itself isn’t so hard to do in perhaps a normal replay, however I also had side quests to do. I also don’t know how that impacts on the stuff I got from the Uplay website via Ubisoft.

– Burnout Paradise
Starting over for the third time (once before trophies, once after trophies).

– Ghostbusters
Was currently replaying in pro-mode, and was a half of the way in and working on trophies.

– GOW Collection / GOW 3
Have to replay the games all over again to unlock the challenge modes which I was going to play next.

– GTA4
Completed save file is gone.

– Lego Star Wars
Thanks to my friend Ryan, my save was around 76% complete. Restart.

– MGS4
Aside from the completed save files and bonus from replaying the game, the MGS Database uses a complete game file. What is more annoying though is the in-game DLC for the game is painfully slow to get from Konami’s servers… it took me a day to get all the bonus music, camo, and podcasts.

– RE5
Aside from the fact I’d just gotten the Gold Edition, which requires me to have at least finished the game for all the bonus content to become unlocked, I have to re-earn everything… which I figure I funneled about 30-40 hours into on the original game.

– Rock Band / Rock Band 2 / Beatles Rock Band
I don’t know how to recover a band stat (will check the RB website, it is assigned to my PSN name), because my band (Sure, Not ) but all my stats on RB1 is gone. Thankfully the unlock key for RB2 unlocks them all for use in it without the legwork, but still I put a lot into that as well.

– Uncharted / Uncharted 2
Was needing to finish Crushing in both titles, plus everything I unlocked is gone. I think you have to play through Hard before you unlock Crushing.

The rest of the games I have can be replayed still and aren’t as a big deal. The only other thing on there I wanted to finish aside from Wolverine, which I was playing at the time of death, was a save for Batman: Arkham Asylum which I was about 40% into from a 3 day rental. Considering I want to buy it still at some stage, thats not so bad.

In any case, you live and learn… and next time I will backup my drive to another drive space regularly and copy individual save files across as well. With any luck my PS3 when it returns will last longer than 2.5 more years.

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