PS3 Gaming Overload

After the delays to testing the rest of my games for updates (mostly due to the PS3 error – which I’ll get to in a bit), I’ve been in the middle of finishing up numerous games sitting on my shelf for the PS3. This is something I will hopefully later this year be able to extend to other consoles, however the problem I have with that is in some cases I’ll want to replay other titles in my collection once I start doing that.

Back to the case at hand. The PS3 disruption on March 1st was due to a software issue in a piece of hardware within the majority of the older “fat” PS3 units, which couldn’t handle a leap year. After 1 day of outage the system corrected itself, re-syncing back visually with the correct time, but the CPU clock is now 1 day out. Sony hasn’t yet patched this problem which means if it’s not, in 4 years time (but obviously 1 day removed) the same problem will happen. I’m sure with that time frame, somehow it’ll be updated.

With the CPU correcting itself I was finally able to play Heavy Rain, which I’d purchased the week before. I was very apprehensive about the game because while I’d like the look of it for quite some time as it got closer to release I expected that it would end up not being that great. And while the first reviews were positive, I started the game not liking it so much… but eventually got very caught up in the story and played it constantly over a week or so, eventually finishing all the endings and adding the title to being the second Platinum trophy I’ve gotten for a game after the Resident Evil 5 one last month. My copy also came as a collectors edition with DLC content which I’ve downloaded, but I’ve kept the extra chapter to come back to later as something else to play and more DLC is expected.

After this I went back to Aliens Vs Predator and completed both Alien and Predator single player campaigns on hard. While there was the odd tough spot, I managed to finish them both while also picking up all the collectibles (exactly as I had with the Marine campaign first) and picked up numerous extra trophies. Some Multiplayer will be next the next time I play the game.

I had also managed to try Bayonetta which I was borrowing from my friend Andrew, but the game really isn’t my cup of tea – too much going on screen at once. Odd enough seeing as I was a big fan of Devil May Cry and simular titles (including God of War, which the third title is out this week – more on this later).

Prior to these I managed to finish in general over the last month or two Call of Duty 4’s single player campaign, Ghostbusters The Video Game, Assassin’s Creed II, Uncharted 2 on Hard, Uncharted on Hard as well, Resident Evil 5’s remaining trophies (as mentioned in the earlier post), Silent Hill Homecoming, and the the Half Life 2 portion of The Orange Box.

This week, Thursday specifically, I will be picking up God of War 3 in the massive Pandora’s Box Collection set which over in PAL areas also includes the God of War Collection of the HD version’s of God of War and God of War II, which was never officially released here.

I never finished God of War II, and I’m rusty on to the story line of God of War having not played it since early late 2006/early 2007 so I’m going to play all 3 in order once I get them. This will be my next set task. Then back to my collection to continue. With that still on my shelf to complete including as above or otherwise, and in no particular order:

Multiplayer for Aliens Vs Predator

I have 70-odd feathers to collect and 2 trophies for Assassin’s Creed II linked to them (plus some extra assassin’s missions and other side quests if I’m up to it). 

More Burnout Paradise (general Gameplay)

More Ghostbusters collectables/trophies

Replay Grand Theft Auto IV

Replay Metal Gear Solid 4

Replay Devil May Cry 4

Replay Mirror’s Edge, extra trophies and content

Replay Silent Hill Homecoming

Continue Playing Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Episode 3

Complete Uncharted on Crushing

Complete Uncharted 2 on Crushing

I also want to pick up Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City in the coming months and add these to the pile. Gold Edition’s bonus content will be added to my list, and the GTA stuff will come after I replay and refresh myself on the original GTAIV first.

Additionally before I finish, you will have noticed I’m behind on Game Of The Post updates (as of this post specifically, 5 – but I’ll probably do the PS3 updates post – so 6 then) which I will make up for with new posts before any new topical ones. Until then…

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