Funny People – Bonus Post

Just a quick note…

This has been bugging me more as the day goes on. I watched the latest Apatow film Funny People last night… I’d read reviews that the last bit of the film goes a bit off… and (spoiler alert for anyone reading who may want to see it still) thats really an understatement.

There is no resolve. No payoff. No nothing. Sandler’s character becomes a little less of a jerk but is still a comedian who makes movies and lots of money. Rogan becomes a little better at being a comedian but still works the same Deli job he did when we met him at the start while trying to break into the scene more. I guess the biggest change is their now friends. But really do I care when nothing else is different?

But that generally could have happened without everything inbetween anyway. Nothing changes. Point of a story is how much change happens by the end, regardless of if it’s good or bad by the time the credits roll. Funny People is nothing. No one is really any better or any worse off than where they started from.

It’s been eating away at me all day how lazy it all seems. Like he just couldn’t come up with a good ending for it all. Shame, because the other films he’s written/directed have been good. And it’s not like there isn’t some good laughs in it. But really, really lame last 3rd capped off by a non-existant ending. Ugh.

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