Facebook Issues and Twitter

I signed up to Facebook a couple of years ago now. I thought at the time I might be able to make good use of it, and while it kept me entertained for some time it’s been very infrequent since November that I’ve even logged in. People still continue to send me links and photos and stuff, but it has hardly had much in the way of motivation to actually use it still. Today I did log in (and attempted to upload/tag some photos – with very little success) and I guess I realised I hadn’t missed much in a couple of months. Oddly, even though numerous months ago I would have wanted to go on every day and see what people were up to.

Twitter is another thing I just don’t have any interest in. I’m sure when you’re famous and lots of people care what you just ate or saw or did it’s worth while, or if your some sort of organization it probably is good for keeping people right up to date, but for me it’s about as useful as this blog will be to others… I think it’s unlikely many if any people will read this and I don’t mind.

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